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Highboy Legs

Highboy legs, also called Tallboy legs, are used in a variety of different applications. These legs are carved or turned from a solid piece of wood and feature a tall shank and a Queen Anne type leg. The legs were originally used to make a piece of furniture that shared the same name. The furniture piece would have a double chest of drawers with a wardrobe on top. This style of furniture was popular during the 18th century. The same influences that created the Queen Anne style furniture, the King Louis the XIV, the King Louis the XV, and the Gregorian styles impacted the high boy legs as they came about through the same Golden Age of furniture. Larger designed wardrobes and smaller beds left this piece of furniture undesired and unused until late in the 1800’s when it was reincorporated with many newer designs of the time. As new designs did not require the height that was originally needed, these legs were applied as dresser legs but the final furniture piece did not have the wardrobe on top. This created a look of buffet tables and dressers that were more in line with then and today’s desired home décor.

Sometimes these highboy legs are confused and mislabeled as a lowboy leg. Traditionally, low boy legs have the same Queen Anne style leg at the bottom but the shank is recessed on the carving and does not form the corner of the dresser built above it. The high boy legs have the long shank on top that is used as the corner post of the dresser it supports. Both are often tied into a rail system but the shank of the high boy leg is sometimes chamfered and fluted.

These uniquely designed corner posts have many more usable applications today. From buffet dressers and wardrobes, to small kitchen islands and bathroom vanities, the highboy leg has become a favorite with many furniture builders. They also have adapted new styles over the years. Instead of the Queen Anne leg, some high boy leg designs feature an early American design of a turned toe. These turned table legs give a more contemporary look to a wardrobe or dresser. Here at Timber Wolf Forest Products, we offer both. We kept the traditional styles of the old world and brought the newer designs to our line as well. Regardless of your application these beautifully designed legs will make any furniture piece a work of art.