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Massive Island Legs

For some of our customers, the regular kitchen island legs that start at 2-3/4” square and 3-3/4” square are just too dainty. So we added a line of 5” square island legs. That made most of our clients quite happy, but a few of our customers still wanted something larger. We have answered your HOWL!! Look no further as Timber Wolf Forest Products is happy to present the Massive Island Legs. These 6-1/4” monster posts are only available in two profiles for the moment, but we hope to add a few more to the line. A beastie kitchen leg like our ISL10625 may be just what you need to give that extra large kitchen some great detail. We also offer multiple machining options, like splitting and notching for both of these beefy leg profiles. We understand that our beastie posts may be the right size for your need, but the wrong profile. Feel free to use our custom services to fit the 6.25” look to any existing online profile. Whether you are looking for a massive column to apply to a free standing island or to be split and used on your cabinets, Timber Wolf’s massive island legs are the perfect fit. Regardless of size and profile, we will promptly quote any custom need you may have. We want to make your kitchen beautiful and that is why Timber Wolf Forest Products is committed to producing the custom leg that is right for you.