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Queen Anne Legs

Queen Anne legs and Queen Anne furniture is one of the most widely recognizable styles of furniture used today. The Queen Anne style was the result of several factors that took centuries to develop. This style of furniture only became possible because of the enlightenment period, a monarch with the flair for art, and the ancient designs of the Chinese.

Until the early 18th century furniture was only a matter of practicality. Tables and benches were crude and simple. They were built to function and nothing more. Only the extreme wealthy had any reason to change this. As the enlightenment period changed art and culture, many new tapestries and murals were being created to embellish the homes of the wealthy. This new styling placed more attention on the furniture. Although Queen Anne herself never designed any furniture, she was instrumental in its notoriety. Queen Anne was a very hands-on ruler and had subordinates deal with the day to day operations of her kingdom while she chose to spend much of her time dabbling in the arts. She became interested in the décor of homes and interior furnishings which incited several commissions that produced the furniture style we all know by her name today. This styling was most notably influenced by Thomas Chippendale, George Hepplewhite, and the Adams brothers. By 1745, these artisans incorporated some ancient styles, like the Chinese ball and claw design, with modern art to create a new look. This new enlightened style, with the sleek subtle curves and simple elegance, caught on instantly. This period, lasting from the 1740’s through the early 1800’s, became known as the golden age of furniture. Thanks to the aforementioned artists and their publications, the Queen Anne style has greatly influence cabinetry and furniture throughout Europe and eventually the world.

Here at Timber Wolf, we strive to protect and promote this beautiful style of furniture with a comprehensive line of legs. Whether you are building a Queen Anne dining room table with matching chairs or simply a buffet table to accent your kitchen, Timber Wolf Forest Products can provide the historically accurate component you need. We offer two variations of Queen Anne table legs for sale. They come with wing blocks and without. The legs that come with wing blocks are indicated in our line with the letters QAB. Our other line that comes without blocks is designated with the letters QAN. Both are very popular and can provide the high quality look you desire. Also, look at our smaller styles for your Queen Anne sofa legs and Queen Anne style chair legs. As a reference, please take a look at our “Highboy Legs” category. A few of these legs offer a long shank that can be used on a dresser, wardrobe, or buffet table, and feature the same Queen Anne style we have in our leg line.

Regardless of the wooden Queen Anne legs that you chose from our line, we know that you will finish your project with a beautifully crafted and historically accurate component that will add beauty and warmth to your home for years. In addition to our line please keep us in mind for all of your custom Queen Anne styled components.