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Tapered Table Legs

Square and round taper legs are some of the most common wooden furniture legs used today. Also called shaker legs or mission style legs, these classic legs are very versatile in their application. For a classic or a contemporary look, tapered legs are a great choice to enhance any table. We offer these in coffee table length (18”), end table length (21”), and dining table length (29”).

Our customers have also inquired about offering these legs in 36” length to be used on kitchen island cabinets. We are in process of bringing tapered kitchen island posts to our site. For now, simply call us and this wood furniture leg can be tailored to your specifications. Our catalog products show you the different sizes and species we offer. Available in two-side and four-side taper, these legs will set off any application. We offer our unfinished tapered legs in red oak, white hard maple, white pine, maple, and cherry legs. You won’t find it in our catalog but simply ask and we can even flute your taper legs, or add a tack line.

In the end, you will not find a more versatile furniture component than our tapered table legs for sale. We look forward to helping your next project become a dynamite success. Please enjoy your visit here and let us know if you have any questions.