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Bun Feet

Bun Feet are some of the few components that are universally used throughout the kitchen, bath, and furniture industries. These little turned or carved feet come in many different designs and are used in multiple applications. Whether you need wooden bun feet for furniture or for a vanity in the bath, these little components can truly enhance any piece.


These components are called either bunn feet or bun feet. There is no certainty as to why this component shares two variations of the same name, but seems most people are beginning to settle on the one n spelling. The bun foot can be used in multiple applications and has become a standard in the furniture and kitchen and bath industries, as well as, the store fixtures and hospitality industry. You can find a bun foot in many different places in a home. You may find it as the foot of a couch, a vanity, a wardrobe, a chair, or in any other capacity where the look of furniture is trying to be obtained. Bun feet can enhance any furniture piece just by being applied as sofa feet, chair legs, or the bottom of the coffee table.


At Timber Wolf we recognize the need for a variety of bun feet and have tried to offer many different sizes and profiles. We are currently designing some new profiles to be added to our line. Fluted bun feet, roped bun feet, and reeded bun feet are being used more and Timber Wolf Forest Products is committed to bringing this selection to the market place. While we offer many different wooden bun feet for furniture, our line is also easily used in the kitchen or bathroom. Many cabinet builders are working to a 4 kick plate and find our bun feet are easily integrated with their custom designs. Regardless of your need, please give us a call today. Timber Wolf Forest Products can provide you with the look and beauty you need in your custom cabinetry and furniture.