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Cabriole Legs

The Cabriole leg is one of the most ancient styles of leg used in modern furniture. Deriving from the ancient Greek and Chinese civilizations this leg was designed to be an S shaped leg. The top part of the leg is convex while the lower part of the leg is concave. This legs popularity was brought on by its usage in furniture design during the 18th century in France, England, and Holland. Its name comes from the French word cabrioler, meaning to leap like a goat. This is due to its appearance resembling the leg of that animal. Over the years, innovation and modernization of furniture parts using this leg required a few design changes. As the legs curves protrude further from the center axis the leg looses strength. As modern furniture designs grew in size, and the desire to use the legs in other applications increased, the leg was redesigned and tucked in. This created the modern style you see today.

Timber Wolf Forest Products encompasses both the old world look and new modern design. You can choose from our most contemporary cabriole leg with the CAB300 profile or one of our more traditional legs like the CAB350. We offer these legs with different designs and sizes to accommodate your needs. Whatever your application, we feel that you will find the perfect cabriole legs for sale here on our site. If you do not, then please fax or email us your drawing and we can produce any variation you may need. Thank you again for visiting our site. Also remember to visit the Queen Anne Legs page of our site for other similar designs that will turn your next woodworking project into a real success.